Crinkle Chiffon Silk Fabric, 40 gram

Product Code : Crinkle Chiffon,40 Gram
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Crinkle Chiffon Silk Fabric, 40 Gram

Weight- 40 gram / 10 mm 

Width- 45 inches

End use- Evening Gowns, Blouses, Dresses, Sarees

This Chiffon Silk Fabric is a Crinkle Woven Pure Silk Fabric, have very soft texture and light weight. 

This Sheer fabric is woven with " S- & Z- " twist technique , so that, the fabric has a little crepe texture. 

Chiffon is much more smoother & Lustrous than Georgette.

Chiffon fabric use widely for making Silk Sarees in india.  



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