100% Pure Organic Silk For Garments

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MOQ : 50 meter
Supply Ability : 300 mtr per month
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Product Type- Diamond Weave Organic eri Silk Fabric

Color- Cross Color ( Warp & Weft have diff color, so cross color effect comes.

Eidth- 44 " / 54 "

Weight- 19mm / 90-100 grams per meter 

          - 24mm / 110-120 grams per meter 

Weaving Style- Diamond Woven.

End use- High End Garments, Evening Gown, Bed Linen, Drapery.

Eri Silk/ Commonly known as Organic / Peace Silk is a Non-Violence Silk Fabric. The Pupa inside the cocoons, cut the cocoons and left it before it goes for processing. As ther eis no harm to the Pupa, that's why it known as Organic Silk. 

You can choose your own color choice.        


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