10s khadi cotton Handspun Yarn

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Nm 10/1 Khadi Cotton Yarn on Charkha.

We have our manufacturing unit place in a small village far from city reach. 

The people in the village depends on handloom & Hand spinning sector for there livelihood. 

We as an organization registred under Govt of India, work for the betterment of the Handloom sector and handloom weavers.

We work in Fair Trade policy and give proper wages to Weavers, Spinners and Dyers.

This Yarn is a purely Hand made Yarn, called as KHADI. 

KHADI means, Handmade. 

The Yarn has been hand Spun and have slub in it. It gives a beautiful look tot he fabric or scarves. 

Nm 10/1 Khadi cotton yarn and can been 2 ply to make Nm 10/2. 

End use- Knitting, Weaving some nice scarves or shocks or fabrics.



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