Tussah Silk Weaving Yarn

Product Code : No-103-A
MOQ : 3 kg
Supply Ability : 100 kilo per month
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 Tussah Silk Handspun Yarn ( Fine )

We are one of the leading & unique manufacturer of Pure Indian Raw Handspun Silk Yarn. 

Difference between No-103-A & No-103-B is : No-103-A will be little more brighter and more finer than No-103-B.

It is one of the fine count handspun Raw Tussah Silk Yarn. Works well on Handloom weaving.

We are a 27 years old Govt registred organization and we work for the betterment for the people who directly or indirectly linked with handloom Industry.  We work and give proper wages to our weavers and spinners and try to give them a better life standard. We strictly fallow Fair Trade Work cultre and do not accept child labor. 

Our manufacturing unit is place in a small village far from city. The village is famous for it's ancient culture of Handloom. We have more than 300 ladies , who work as Hand Spinners in our Organization. Around 50 weavers, are working for us , which includes Exprienced weavers, Young and enthuastic weavers and a good team of Designers. 

As it is Handspun, so there is no specific Count is available, so somewhere you can find thick yarn and somewhere it will be minor thin. It is the nature and beauty of Hand spinning process. 


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