Peduncle Spun Silk Yarn, Nm 60

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Peduncle Spun Silk Yarn

Count- Nm 60/1 

Approx 6000 yards per 100 gram skein. 

Natural shade, Undyed.

This Yarn has been made from the peduncle/Nassi Silk Fibre . Nassi is a Organic Silk, where worm dosen't get killed while processing. It is a Finer count Yarn and have a light Gray shade Naturally, because of Nassi Silk.

The Yarn is so strong and durable, that it can work on Handloom as well as Powerloom. 

We have around 2/3rd of our employee as Women Employees. We give employement to poor women belongs tot he small village. The Women work as Spinners in our production unit. We as an organization, work for the betterment of Handloom sector and the people who belongs to this secot. Our Manufacturing unit is place in a small village, far from city, and we have employees, only from the same village place only. 

We give employement and try to give a better life standard to the poor weavers & Spinner families. Our Organization is alwayz active towards providing education to the weaver's chidren. Some part of the profit , goes to Education of children , of poor familes.



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