Ink Blue Raw Silk Handspun Yarn

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Raw Handspun Silk Yarn

Shade- Ink Blue

Pure Silk- YES

End use- Weaving, Hand Knitting, Crochet.

This is an Exclusive Yarn made exclusively by JPHandloom. 

Purely handspun by Lady Hand spinners from Eastern part of India. We have a team of lady Spinners, who live in a small village ,named Nuapatna. We work for the betterment for the Poor weavers & Spinners who live far from city. We try our best to keep the handloom and Hand Spinning sector alive.

This Yarn is a very Durable Yarn with Higher Quality. While weaving Silk Sarees with Pure Raw Silk Yarn, there is a lot of yarn get wasted. We collect those waste yarn and carded them to make fibre, and then do the spinning with hands. We do smooth twisting to the yarn, so it will be more finer & more softer than normal Saree Silk Yarn. 

It is bit expensive, because the Raw Fibre/yarn wastage we use is 100% Silk, without any impurity. And making Finest quality yarn is expensive too.

We hope you will understand the hard work & labor involve behind this beautiful Yarn. 


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