Undyed Single Ply Throwster Spun Silk

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Product Type- Throwster Spun Silk yarn ( Bleach )

Count- Nm 10/1

Approx 1000 meters per 100 gram skein. 

Shade- Bleach White. But can be dyed in many colors.

We are one of the leading manufacturing company, engaged in production of 100% Pure Recycled Silk yarn. Bleach White Recycled Silk Yarn called as Throwster Silk Yarn. Throwster means, Thrown Silk. 

In India, while weaving Sarees, there are a lot of yarn threads left over from the loom. We collect those small cut yarns & process it and separate it as per there color. This yarn is being produce with the white threads which left over while weaving sarees. We process the fiber and then bleach it and then do the spinning process to have this beautiful Yarn.

Very Fine Count, with a shiny surface. Can be dyed in any color, and have a beautiful texture. 

We believe in Recyclying of products. We have the motto of GO-GREEN. And we do not throw any of the silk waste. We use it by recyling it, so that every bit of Silk , can be useful and can use for some good purpose.

These Yarns are perfect tow eave some nice beautiful Recycled Silk Fabric. Soft texture will come. 



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