Fine Reeled Tussah Hand Spun Silk

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Product Type- Fine Reeled Tussah Hand-Spun Un-Twisted Silk Yarn

Count- Approx Nm 120's/1

Approx 12000 meters per 100 gram skein

End use- Using as weft on handloom Weaving. 

Reeled Tussah Silk yarn , spun directly from Tussah un-cut cocoons, have long staple length, and finer in count. 

We have more than 300 lady spinners, who do Thigh-Spinning to spin this beautiful long staple Tussah Reelded Silk Yarn out of the big tussah cocoons.

Naturally have a Light Golden Shade. Accoridng tot he weather, nature & atmosphere , the color of the Tussah yarn changes. 

Beause the yarn is un-twisted, sow e suggest to use it on Handloom as Weft only. 


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