Indian Fine Muga Silk Yarn

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Nm 120/2 Muga Spun Silk yarn

Approx 6000 yards per 100 gram skein.

We are a leading manufacturer of Indian WILD Silk yarn. We produce all kind of Pure Raw Indian Silk yarn, Like : Tussah, Muga, Eri. 

This is a Finer Count Pure Golden muga Silk Yarn. 

Directly Spun from Muga Silk Cocoons. The Yarn count is very fine and perfect for using in warp. 

It is perfect for making fabrics for Garments and finer scarves. 

It will work both in Handloom as well as Powerloom. Strong and durable Yarn. 

The Yarn Shade is Purely Golden in nature. 


Muga Silk is a purely WILD Silk, so acording to the weather & Climate, the Shining of the Yarn can change. It totally depends on the cocoons shining. 


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