Handmade Organic Tussah Silk Fiber

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Tussah Handmade Silk Fiber

Tussah Silk , or known as WILD Silk of INDIA, grow naturally inside the forest. It is not an Agriculture Silk, It is a WILD Silk. 

The Silk Puppa inside the cocoons some time cut the cocoon and fly and sometime stuck in the cocoons. These Fibers made with the cocoons which dosen't kill / harm the Puppa inside the Cocoons. We collect these WILD Silk cocoons from many different forest part of our State Odisha. These cocoons grown up naturally under the preservation of Tribal communities. So, there is no Pesticide or Chemical gets use while growing this cocoons. So, the Yarn made with these Fiber are highly organic & have very good effect on our health or body, if we wear any Garments or use some products made with these yarns or fiber. 

We highly beleive in Fair Trade Work Culture and we really trust on the concept of Go-Green. 

So, we do not harm any WILD Animals, Give proper wages to our weavers & Spinners lives in Interior part of Villages, and give fair trade wages to the Tribal people while buying the cocoons from them. 

This Fiber has Naturally got a unique Golden Brown Shade, which retain in the Yarn also. Every Fiber has different shades as per the condition of Cocoons and weather. So, there should be variation in the Fiber & yarns. And this is the beauty of WILD Silk of India. Every people of cloth made with these fibers/ Yarns will give a different look and texture to the customer. 

We should join our Hands together , and work for the betterment for our society and the people who depend on us. We work for the betterment for our Handloom sector in India, and trying to give a better life to our Poor Weavers & Spinners. So, please help us in this Peace Movement by this Peace Silk Fiber. Every product you buy from us, is directly gives a 


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