Pure Muga Silk Scarf

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Size- 60 cm X 180 cm + Fringes, Weight- Approx 100 grams / pcs.

Natural Shade, Undyed.

We are one of the Larges producer of all kind of Raw Indian Silk Yarns & Fibres. 

We produce High Quality Golden Muga Handspun Silk Yarn. 

This Scarf is a Pure Golden muga Silk Scarf. 

The Yarn used in this Scarf is Hand spin by Ladies from a small village in Eastern part of India. The Village name is : NUAPATANA.

This Village has 90% of populaiton directly involve in handloom Product manufacturer. We give a stable employement to the weavers & Spinners by providing them work. Our Scarves have a beautiful UNEVEN texture, which makes it unique in look and feel. 

The Scarf is Natural, without any dye. The Muga Silk naturally have a Golden Shine on it. This scarf a Purely organic Scarf made on Handloom. It's have a huge demand in International market. But the raw material availability is less, so, production capacity is limited. 


Muga Silk is a WILD Silk, so the climate & Rain has a huge effect on it. Accoridng to the climate and weather, the shining of the yarn changes. So, please be ready for little variation is the shade of the scarf as because of the raw material variation as per season.

But this Little variation in look, texture and the uneven ness on the scarf makes it look really a stunnign peace of fabric, wrap around your body.

Handwash in COLD water. 


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