Khadi Cotton Checks

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Size- 60 cm X 180 cm + Fringes, Weight- 60 grams/pcs

Pattern : - Checks & Prints.

Customization is possible to do, so we can check the color, pattern & prints as well as per client instruction/demand.

We are the manufacturer of Pure Khadi Cotton handloom Scarves. 

Khadi word comes from the time of MHATMA GANDHI ( Father of India ). He invetned CHRAKHA, throug which we can able to produce finer Cotton yarns without use of any machine. Khadi Cotton yarns are 100% Handmade. No Machine Use. 

And we weave these scarves on Handlooms as well. So, these scarves are 100% Handwoven with Hand spun yarns. 

The Pattern/ Color/ Prints can change as per client choice. 


Hand Wash with Cold water. 





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