Silk wool Crinkle Scarf

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Size- 45 cm X 180 cm + Fringes , Weight- 110 gram/pcs

Shade- natural, Undyed .

Weaving- The Weft yarn has naturally High twisted,. So it has a light Crinkle effect trrough out it's body. 

We have beautiful collection of Natural Undyed Silk & Wool blended high quality Scarves. 

This scarf is a mixture of Fine Merino Wool(40%) & Mulberry Silk(60%) high twisted. 

The Weft yarn has been high twisted naturally, so after wash, the scarf get's a crinkle effect, which is so unique and so beautiful, that it looks very interesting. The Crinkle effect will be always there on body. We do not use any sort of elastic/lycra, to give crinkle effect. The Crinkle effect is Purely natural, so there won't be any skin allergy problem.

The wool is of fine quality and silk blend makes it even more interesting. 

We work for the betterment for weavers & Spinners and trying to give them a better life style, and trying our best to keep the handloom sector alive in India. 


Hand wash with Cold Water.




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